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Editor-in-Chief is doctor of Philology, professor of the Department of Literature and its teaching methods of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural communication, Ural State Pedagogical University (Ekaterinburg).

Author of scientific monographs on the work of A. P. Platonov "The Boiling universe"By Andrey Platonov: Dynamics of Image-making and World–comprehension in the Works of the 20s", Yekaterinburg, Sterlitamak, 1998;" Poetics of drama by A. P. Platonov in the late 1930s-1950s: intertextual dialogue", Saint Petersburg, 2018 (co - authored with K. S. Kogut); as well as articles "Interaction of biblical and literary contexts in the play by A. Platonov "the Voice of the father" / / Bulletin of the Tomsk state University. Philology. 2014. No. 5; "the Poetics of secret writing in A. Platonov's play "The pupil of the Lyceum" / / Questions of literature. 2015, No. 6; "I will rebuild the universe...": the fate of the theurgical idea of Andrey Platonov (1917-1926) / / Toronto Slavic Quarterly. 2017, No. 62, etc.;

collective monographs "In memoriam: Joseph V. Trofimov". Daugavpils, 2009; "Russian project of world correction and artistic creativity of the XIX-XX centuries". Moscow, 2011; "Time and creativity of Valentin Rasputin: history, context, perspectives". Irkutsk, 2012; " crisis of literary centrism: loss of identity vs. new opportunity». Moscow, 2014; "Siberian identity in the mirror of a literary text: Tropes, topos, genre forms of the XIX-XXI centuries". Moscow, 2015; "Russian traditionalism: History, ideology, poetics, literary reflection". Moscow, 2016; "The originality and world significance of Russian classical literature (XIX – first half of XX century): Ideals, cultural and philosophical synthesis, reception". Moscow, 2017; "Mikhail Shishkin: Iconic names of modern Russian literature". Krakow, 2017;

the textbook "Theory of Literature. History of Russian and Foreign Literary Studies». Moscow: Flint: Nauka, 2011;

articles about the poetics of prose of the second half of the XX-beginning of the XXI centuries by M. Prishvin, K. Paustovsky, V. Astafiev, V. Rasputin, S. Sokolov, M. Shishkin, A. Ivanov, V. Pelevin, etc.