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DOI: 10.26710/fk17-03-05
Abstract: The archetypes, lying in the basis of understanding the image of the Motherland in the Russian national mentality, are studied in linguo-philosophical aspect: the attempt to explain the stability and variability in time of the archetypes of the «Motherland» and «Mother Earth» is undertaken. With this purpose the analysis of the philosophical and linguistic theoretical works on this topic is carried out; the basic concepts are illustrated by the texts of fiction and folklore, as well as materials from various Internet sites and forums. The dual nature of the archetypes is revealed. The concept of «Motherland» reveals itself in the Russian mentality through the categories of motherhood, kinship, love, care, and Holiness. Thus, the main metaphor of the Russian mentality is the image of Motherland. It is noted that the Russian mentality distinguishes between the Motherland and the state, which explains the negative connotation of the metaphors of the Motherland, based on terms of legal kinship, used to describe the state: stepmother, mother-in-law, aunt. In this regard, it is noted that there is some distortion of the archetype of the basic metaphors of the Motherland.

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Bagicheva, N. V. «A Scroll, on Which All the Secrets of Life Are Marked»: The Archetypes of the Motherland in Russian Mentality / N. V. Bagicheva, T. A. Chikaeva . In Philological Class. 2017. №3 (49). P. 34-40. DOI 10.26710/fk17-03-05 .